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WesternLogan ensures that the best and the most capable are hand picked from the industry who provide the accurate job. The engineers and architects that work for WesterLogan ha a great working experience in varied projects from 8 years to 10 years. The WesterLogan experience in the business in close to 10+ years that has shown the company so many opportunities to turn the project into a success. Our experience has allowed us to learn and grow with each new project that allows us to cater to the international customers and consistently provide reliable CAD services and support to a broad spectrum of users.

WesternLogan is known for its communication efficiency. The team that works for any project ensures that the clients are kept in the information loop every time a progress is made. The open policy about communication also allows the clients to keep a look at what is happening and the project is shaping up as required. Any changes at this level allows the quick remedy and saves a lot of cost and time to the company and the clients. They are our priority and we leave no stone unturned to allow them to complain about prices. The construction documents that are created are transferred to the clients wasting no time, this has all the relevant information along with a suitable keep that may be used for reference.

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WesternLogan works on a simple plan, being the partner that’s always there for you. With our teams working practically 16 hours, that you work will be done before you reach at your office early in the morning. WesternLogan is spot where CAD gets even better, where you end up saving your cost 40-60%, without compromising with the quality of your work standards.

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